Hey, I'm Sara!


I am a 2020 graduate of the University of Washington's Industrial Design program. Growing up I loved trying new things, in part because of the new gear that often accompanied that experience. I savored running down the soccer field in a new pair of cleats, making crepes on the weekend in their own specially designed pan and unboxing a new set of Prismacolor pencils to fill the page with. Today, while my passion for gadgets hasn’t ceased I strive to create both physical and digital products that improve life in meaningful ways through human-centered design. Whether that is something that tackles a major problem in the community or simply makes someone smile. 


Outside of the studio, I can be found enjoying the beauty of the outdoors on foot, bike or skis. I love exploring different cuisines and countries, creatively packing my bento box, listening to audiobooks and trying out new technology.

Currently in Baltimore, MD | Contact me via email or LinkedIn.