Personal Noise Dosimeter 

Dosi is a device designed to educate, equip
and empower individuals to prevent occupational hearing loss. 

Project Overview

Industrial Design Senior Studio

Fall 2019 | 10 Weeks

Individual Project


Studio Sponsor



Initial Research & Ideation

I began my research more generally looking into occupational hearing loss.

Problem Statement

When individuals are not aware of

situations causing hearing impairment

or decline, they are susceptible to

further hearing loss. This loss is often

diagnosed late or remains undiagnosed,

making it difficult to monitor and

manage the condition and its associate


Problem Patterns

1. Late diagnosis

2. Reactionary, not preventative

3. Personal condition monitoring

4. Personalized treatment plan

5. Social/lifestyle impairment

Refined Direction & Concepts

I chose to focus on construction workers because 50% of workers have a hearing related issue/injury. Construction workers are required to wear PPE so a device could be created to further protect and equip workers' ears.

Problem Patterns

1. No awareness of impact of hazardous noise.

2. No understanding of proper hearing protection. 

3. No way to check and track your hearing health.

Form Development 

UI Development 





I enjoyed the challenged of designing within an unfamiliar space and was motivated by the great need for a better solution to combat occupational hearing loss.


I enjoyed designing for a specific user and enviroment and developing Dosi to fit into an adaptable system. With more time I would do more refinement on the form and UI and perform user testing. 

Thank you!

Special thanks to Josh, Aaron, Nick and Carson from Tactile, Professor Jason Germany as well as my peers for their guidance and feedback.

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