Industrial Design Internship

Progressive International is dedicated to creating innovative kitchen tools and gadgets to make food preparation fun and fast while inspiring culinary creativity.


Industrial Design Internship

June – Dec. 2019 | 7 months

I had the opportunity to work with designers, product managers, engineers and the creative team to create new kitchen tools. 

Working with product managers I begin with research and testing to develop product briefs. I then was able to take go from a sketch to tooling. I was the sole designer on five products and supported the design team by assisting with various tasks.

Below are some examples of my work.

Sketching & Rendering

Various concept sketches/renderings that explored new designs, features and modifications of products.

Lemon Juicer Concepts

Flour Sifter Concepts

New Gadget Proposals

Snaplock Bento Renderings

Taco Holder

I was tasked to design a collapsible taco holder. 

Below is my process from initial sketches to refined CAD.

Initial Concepts

Sticky Note




3D Printing

Proof of Concept

using flexible filament.

Renderings &


Product Modifications

I worked on several products that were already created but needed modifications. I worked with existing CAD and models to make refinements and adjustments to the products.

Oil Sprayer


Redesigned the trigger to make it easier to spray and to diversify the look of the bottle.

Grease Keeper 

Redesigned the hinge mechanism that attached to the lid and strainer to make it easier to remove and clean. Played with different tab options to simplify opening the keeper.


It was invaluable to work in a space where I could learn from existing products and have resources to create my own. It was great to get a holistic view of product design and see what it takes to get a product from an idea onto the shelf.

Thank you to the Progressive family for an amazing year!

I learned the importance of working with a team that supports you and knows to have fun! Some of my favorite memories were Friday breakfasts, dressing up for Halloween and wining a Sous-Vide at the Christmas party.

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