Meditation Pod for the Workplace 

Project Overview

Industrial Design Junior Studio

Spring 2019 | 10 Weeks

Partner: Cat Chang

Rumino is a system designed to provide employees with an isolated, meditative experience during break periods. Rumino is comprised of a lowly-seated chair that is embedded with an audio system in the headrest. 

Stress at Work ​


Working in an office has various stressors. It’s important to be able to take a break from your work for one's mind, body and productivity. Our goal is to better understand how employees engage with their office environment in order to design a solution that allows them to find some a way to relax in their work environment .


Work can be a hectic flow of unending tasks, causing employees to skip needed breaks.  ​​


How might we normalize the act of taking a healthy break for office employees to encourage a state of mindfulness that resets their state of thinking?

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breaks at work2asdf10.jpg


How we built it